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Realty Chain Founder Harold A. Ellis Jr. Dies

Harold A. Ellis Jr., a founder of Grubb & Ellis, died at the age of 77 on Jan. 06 at his residence in Piedmont, Calif. According to his son, the cause of the death was cancer. A student of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harold A. Ellis started his career by joining a small real estate brokerage company run by his fraternity brother John Grubb in Oakland. Soon he became a partner of the firm which he later bought to build his realty chain and expand his business empire. Under the deft hands of Harold A. Ellis, the small brokerage firm was transformed into a large corporate house dealing almost all aspects of real estate business. Grubb & Ellis has about 130 offices at several locations in the world and is currently regarded as the nation's fourth largest company in terms of sales, according to some sources.

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